Choosing the Right Photographer

Las Vegas Nevada is the wedding capital of the world but it is also a wonderful location for couples to get engaged. Why not capture the scenes of Las Vegas in your engagement photos. There are multiple classic spots for tourists to choose from on your trip. They include; the Welcome Sign, the Bellagio water fountain, the Wynn, the Luxor, Caesars Palace, the Mirage fountain, the Paris, MGM, City Center, Treasure Island and many more. The photographs usually have to be taken outside of the casinos or in common areas.

Southern Nevada has more photography locations to offer than just the Strip. Many tourists forget that there is more to offer than just that area. Some tourists forget about downtown. The mayor and city of have worked hard to clean up the downtown area. There are many great locations and backdrops including the Fremont Street Experience, the art district and more.

If you want to capture the scenery of Southern Nevada it is a short drive to a few locations, Lake Mead, Red Rock, and the Lakes to name a few. Lake Mead is the manmade lake from the Hoover Dam and requires a small fee to get in. Have you ever wonder what happens to old Las Vegas signs? There is a museum dedicated to old neon signs called the Bone Yard. There is a fee of usually $150 or more to do a shoot, depending on how large your party is. It also requires a project request form to be filed from their website. If you want to use this location you must plan at least a few months out and be somewhat flexible on your date.

Finding the right location is up to the couples likes. It is important to ensure that your engagement photographer does not push their locations on you. They must keep in mind what you want and bring across who you are in your photos.

Mindy Bean Photography is one of many local photographers in the area that can help you in capturing your moments.

The Dirty Work "Wedding Chapel"

Southern Nevada attracts many tourists who want to get married. Having Elvis conduct is always a classic. However many brides and grooms that plan to get married here in advance make a common mistake. When you purchase a wedding package from one of the many wedding chapels available they do not let you bring in your own photographer into the chapel. This limitation may not always be clearly presented upon booking a location. Some of the chapels are upfront about it and do have great photographers but be careful because some may disappoint you. Before you book your chapel and ceremony make sure you find out about picture restrictions within the chapel.

Why is this so important? You are coming to Southern Nevada to get married for a reason. You want to be able to remember your special day. When you look back at your photos you want to be brought back to those special moment. Getting married by Elvis is cool so hopefully if they do not allow outside professionals you will be able to get decent photos from the person they provide.

To make it harder for visitors that want to find a professional if one does a Google search for wedding photographer Las Vegas the majority of the local businesses that show up on the map section are wedding chapels not real photographers.

Unfortunately when you leave the amazing chapel you were just married in you are going around town without someone to capture your memories. Once you leave the chapel the real fun on the town starts. It may require double booking for you but do not forget to get some great shots in and around town with a local expert. Also if you have a wedding reception, do not make the mistake of not having those moments captured. Look for a local pro that will be able to show you around town and get the portraits you are looking for.

Again I am not trying to take anything away from the chapels because they are a staple of the whole Las Vegas persona but engaged couples need to be prepared.

Mindy Bean Photography is one of many local photographers in the area that can help you in capturing your moments.,-NV-Have-Restrictions-on-Outside-Professional-Wedding-Photographers&id=32

Outdoor Photography

Lighting is the most difficult part of photography for new photographers to master. Many new photographers post that they are natural light photographers but they are still confused when it comes to natural light. Below are a few tips and suggestions to help you get that perfect shot.

Best times of the day to shoot outside:

I can't give you a specific hour to begin because the correct time is going to continue to change throughout the year. Right after the sunrises is one of the best times to begin shooting outside. During this time there are not harsh shadows on your subject. As a beginning photographer the sun should be behind the photographers back. With the subject facing the light of the sun, it will also minimize the shadows. If you are scheduling a couple months in advance be sure to look at a sunrise / sunset calendar for your local area to schedule the best time for you and your client.

An hour before the sun starts to set is the other ideal time to shoot. The evening time gives an amazing glow to your pictures with ambient light and also helps reduce the shadows. Again as you are starting out face your subject into the sun.

Why not shoot during day:

If you shoot during the middle of the day the sun will be right above your subject and cause shadows on the subjects face. The shadows could come from hair and facial features. Shadows will take away from your subject and draw the attention to the shadows in the photograph.

Is Flash Necessary:

When your subject is facing the sun you do not normally need a flash. If there are clouds or shadows from buildings, trees, and so forth an on camera speed light will work. If you want to try to get the sunrise or sunset behind your subject you can use an on camera speed light. You want to only be three to four feet away from your subject when you shoot. This will take practice and be sure to watch your ISO.

Best of luck and hopefully this was helpful.

If you would like to see some examples of work in shooting without a flash outdoors check out the bridal page on the website of Mindy Bean Photography